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Set in the storied neighborhood of Woodlawn on Chicago’s South Side, Woodlawn Central is at the intersection of vital urban scales. It anchors the neighborhood, provides essential community and civic infrastructure, and – with the opening of the Obama Presidential Center – serves as a gateway to the region and world. Woodlawn Central is a national model for inclusive and equitable city building and provides unbounded opportunities for vibrant urban living, working, playing, creating, and innovating. Woodlawn Central is an organic collision of culture and experience and moves the center of gravity southward in Chicago.

Woodlawn Central aerial view

Located on the South Side of Chicago, the neighborhood of Woodlawn is bounded by Lake Michigan to the east, 60th Street to the north, Martin Luther King Drive to the west, and 67th Street to the south. Containing over 550 acres of open space, Woodlawn hosts significant historic, cultural, and recreational attractions and amenities, including the future Obama Presidential Center, Jackson Park, and opportunities to explore Chicago’s lakeshore.  

Woodlawn is tucked between Washington Park, Midway Plaisance, Jackson Park, the expansive Oak Woods Cemetery, and connected to the campus of the University of Chicago. It is surrounded by over 1000 acres of accessible and public open space, connected by rail and trails to the heart of Chicago and the greater region. 

Byron T Brazier, Woodlawn Central
Metra 63rd St Station
University of Chicago
Woodlawn Central Jackson Park
 Apostolic Church of God, Woodlawn Central
Obama Presidential Center

City of Chicago

Apostolic Church of God

The Obama Presidential Center

Jackson Park

University of Chicago

Metra 63rd Street Station

Network of Woodlawn

Network of Woodlawn

In The News

Woodlawn Central plan sketch
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